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This one's called "Rose" Empty This one's called "Rose"

Post  ExtraCookie on Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:25 am

I find it a tad odd that they titled the show after a character they didn't show all that much of, but, whatever.

Speaking of, check out Lauren Graham, doing a great job! By that I didn't mean she didn't do a great job in "Supernatural," I just meant her work stood out for me because she didn't remind me of Bela in the slightest. I LOVE her new haircut! Is it the RULE that anyone on T.V.D. has to have fantastic hair? Yet another chick on this show to give me hair envy! If I cut my hair like that, though, I'd look like an escaped lunatic. Damn it! I don't have a lot to say about her; again, they didn't give us much. I felt awful for her when they killed Trevor(?). Very nice acting from Lauren there. I reckon she's gonna be one of the good girls (at least partially). They bothered to show her regretful expression when Elena begged her not to let what's-his-face (Eljiah? No. What's his name?) take her. Elena got the good vibes too, she had mercy on her. Heh, notice how Elena speaks and Damon obeys? D'aw. Bless his black (er, OK, charcoal) lil' heart.

Damon, Damon DAMON. He's always gonna be the heartbreaker. He made me mist up in this one. I felt awful for him when he thought Elena was rushing down the stairs to him, but she went to Stefan. Ouch. very sad And his last scene? OOOOOWWW. Awwww, poor baby! That was fantastic! Ian deserves some sort of award for that scene alone. The tearful compulsion alone was gut-wrenching. I'm a tad annoyed that this show has caused me to reveal my inner sappy person (Wait, "Supernatural" hadn't already done that, had it? You didn't know about this deep, dark secret 'til T.V.D. came along, did you?!). But you two won't tell anyone, right? And the Internet is a private place where any ol' person can't drop by and discover my embarrassing secret of sappiness, right? Yeah. I think that's correct. Wink

Stefan was my hero in this one for being so very STEFAN. Reaching out to Damon like that, continuing to exhibit the maturity and calm that an old vampire damned well should. I wonder if it was Katherine's mind fucking that held Damon's maturity/calm back for so long. I adored Stefan prompting and being all for "road-trip bonding" (and in such a charming way at that) and actually getting right to the point and not only addressing the triangle issue straight-up, but doing so in such a peaceful, chill, smart, secure manner. Fantastic! Both brothers exhibited a lot of maturity with this AND both brothers exhibited the fact that each clearly loves & wants to do right by both Elena and his brother. Nice. God, this Salvatore bonding is making me ache for Winchester bonding. Will we ever see that again?! Sad Stefan's apology was perfect. It's a bummer it took him so damned long, but then, Damon's not exactly made it easy for him, now has he? He apologized twice--made damned sure Damon was hearing him. That whole last line to him was perfect: "I just need to say it and you need to hear it. I'm sorry. What I did was selfish; I didn't want to be alone. I guess I just needed my brother." No, Stefan, you know you did. So does Damon. Damon hasn't really hated you all these years so much as he's hated Katherine and his own self for falling prey to her, but you having a hand in things made you a very convenient punching bag; he's just not gonna say that. I love you Stefan being mature, peaceful, calm and direct makes me feel like this: What a Face and this on the cloud

OK, so I suppose Caroline just can't stop getting cooler. She's so damned much fun! She's kind of a female Damon. Have you noticed she's already more mature about being a vampire than the Salvatores are? Love her. Love that she went against Damon (I can tell I'll love that every time she does that; it will not get old. He deserves it after how he treated her) and reached out to Tyler. Poor kid. I don't know how this is going to work out, though. Of course he'll find everything out eventually. Surely this can go only 1 of 2 ways: he becomes friends to the vamps or he dies/leaves town forever. How can it be any other way? One chomp and one of our vamps dies. I've come to like Tyler, so I hope they're going for option 1. I can see chemistry between Caroline and Tyler. Maybe they'll have a thing, but I hope she eventually is able to wind up with Matt again.

I think it was extremely lame of Damon and Stefan not to completely destroy Elijah or Isaiah or whatever his name was. Damn, I'm no vampire (last I checked, though I do sometimes keep vampire hours) and even I would know to do that. It's a shame when writers can't think of a better way to keep a character around than to sacrifice some intelligence. He seems interesting, could be fun. Eeeevil!

N'aww, Bonnie and Jeremy were cute; how sweet!

Um, I'm just gonna ask: Is it normal for brothers to hug sisters like Jeremy hugged Elena? I truly don't know, I don't have brothers & I've never seen a dude hug his sis like that before (of course, I've never seen a dude hug his sis after he was afraid she might be dead or hurt cuz she got kidnapped by vampires). helps? Is it?

Hope you appreciated that review! I'm exhausted, I need to be in bed! Yes, BOW before me and KISS my feet! KISS THEM! Wink
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