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Post  helps on Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:25 pm

Ok so no one's bothering over here anymore Surprised Anyways, here's little something about last ep.
I still can't handle the truth about Sam's soul, but I enjoyed this one. It was fun and silly, alone standing ep.
I really thought we're gonna have U.F.O. on SPN Laughing Well, well... Dean calling with Sam was hilarious. Dean speaking to Sam about what's ok and what's not - hilarious. I mean whole ep was fun. Boys were very entertaining. Jensen and Jared pulled this one off. THeir face expressions were priceless.
Am I the only one or did they switch the brothers? Sam is all into getting laid and flirting with women and Dean is all let's get work done?! Hmm, interesting.
I liked how easy it was to get rid of fairy. If I should choose any supernatural creature to fight, I'd go for a fairy... Lol. Little salt or something and they have to count it. Nice Very Happy
What I'm worried about is how the story continues? and is the main point of this season to get Sam's soul back? It seems so right? and it's kinda lame right? I hope they're not gonna disappoint us..

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Post  ExtraCookie on Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:22 am

I bother! I just accidentally deleted my post for last week's episode, and have been much too tired/busy to redo it. I just did, though. Most of the time, I feel like I'm talking to myself in here, but I'm figuring something out: we're just out of synch. Seems we all want to post, but we just can't always post when we want to. So, how 'bout no one gives up and always posts and realizes the others will get here eventually? Very Happy

This episode was another mediocre one. It was between their good funny ones and bad ones. It seems more and more that the guys suddenly act out of character/over-the-top in the funny ones. There's no need for that. Dean's dash through the cornfield was amusing, but in any normal episode, he wouldn't be doing that in such a comedic manner. They need to work on that.

I thought they handled the fairies pretty well. I'd actually have been happier for them to have made a serious ep. involving the fairies, given that their original lore is quite dark. Fairies, originally, were not the cute little pretty naked chicks with wings they've come to be. They were dangerous, evil little shits who stole and enslaved babies/children, trapped people in dark enchantments and other nasty stuff. Not cute at all; they were scary bastards you wouldn't want to meet in a dark forest. I've been wanting them to do a fairy episode for a long time and I think a dark, spooky one could've been done. Oh, well, this was fine. At least they kept to them being evil & dangerous, and watching Dean fight a tiny one was pretty funny, although was it smart to zap fry her? He didn't even know what kind of magic they carry or what the consequences could be or even for sure if fairies were responsible or if they're evil and . . . when will I learn to stop over thinking this show?

Dean did a sucky job of explaining souls to Sammy. Way to go. I know Dean isn't exactly Mr. Eloquent, but he could've done better than that. He could've found his own way of letting Sammy know that joy comes along with the pain, that pain isn't all there is and that, often, pain is a direct by-product of joy. That love and bonding and living are worth the pain. He just basically said having a soul sucks ass and expects Sam to be on fire to get his back? Smooth.

Now I'm feeling like going on again about how if Sam has no soul, why does he give a crap about saving people? Why does he give a crap about anything? Looks like to me--from what flimsy info they've given us--that all he should be doing is going around indulging in everything that gives physical pleasure. Like a low-brained animal. Just screwing and eating tasty food/drinking tasty drinks, maybe sky-diving, etc. to ramp up his adrenaline . . . which tends to cause what we call joy/happiness . . . which you can't feel without a soul, according to the show--damn, this is so stupid! Mad Enough! Please get Sammy's soul back pronto, focus on Cas's heavenly struggle (reunite Team Free Will and kick some ASS) and let's forget this ever happened, shall we?

Um, on the brighter side, I was quite amused at watching the guys sip tea out of tiny, dainty China cups and Sam asking for a bigger one. Also, yes, soulless Sam can be pretty funny, but it brings pain with it at the same time because he says things real Sammy would never say. At least we get to see that Dean realizes it too; you can see it in his reactions to Sam's snark. Heh, it kinda looks like he feels like he's looking in a mirror and getting a taste of how he can come off sometimes.

Last thing, J2 are doing a fine job (especially Jared). It's not their fault I'm not enjoying this season as much as I'd like. It's the material, not their acting. I'm so ready for either Sam's soul to come back and/or to just focus on Cas's storyline now. From what I've read, though, I don't think we're getting that for a while. Thank goodness for T.V.D., which is going to soon show us a naked Alaric offering Chunky Monkey ice cream to a freaked-out Elena while a freaked-out Jenna looks on. Good stuff! Laughing
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