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Post  ExtraCookie on Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:44 am

Good, as usual! This one was more emotion than action. I understand Elena's protectiveness for the ones she loves. I enjoyed watching Damon clearly marvel at her willingness to sacrifice herself. The moment he threatened to throw her over his shoulder and drag her out was hot. Heh. This is a real "Poor So-and-So" episode, so I'll start with Damon: poor Damon! The two people he loves more than anyone in the world are both in seriously major trouble. His bro stuck in a dungeon with Katherine (what a nightmare!) and the most powerful vampire he knows of gunning for (who he wants to be) his girl. It was awesome seeing that mixture of pissed-off and horribly worried when he looked at those two in this episode. Damon's SO one of those gets-majorly-pissed-off-when-hurt kind of people. I know he meant it when he promised Stefan to protect Elena, but it was hilarious how he said it with that total pissed-off "Yeeees, of course I promise, you goody-two-shoes idiot!" face! Laughing

Stefan, Stefan. There's that caring-about-people thing that you bragged about getting you into trouble. I don't blame him, who could stand to watch lil' Jeremy get tortured? (He took it like a man, I must say; go, Jeremy!) Truth is if it'd been Damon there instead, though, I bet he'd have shot in there too and probably sooner. He adores Jeremy, you know it. Jeremy was super adorable in this one, wow. (Seriously, how can Steven be 20 [or maybe 21 now]?! He totally seems no more than 17.) I loved that he was willing to risk himself for Bonnie and how cutely grumpy he was after it was all over. So, why can't Bonnie kiss Jeremy? Does she have feelings for Luka (from the second floor)? Hm. I must say, really, Bonnie and Jeremy have loads of chemistry, there are practically sparks in the air around them. They'd be cute together. They're dragging this out, is it gonna happen? Now that she gets along with Damon, I think you will get your wish, helps, and not have to ever endure the sight of she and Damon hooking up. I'd still like it to happen, though. Damon gets around, so I'm not ruling it out. What a Face So, is Luka falling for Bonnie or is it all pretend? I don't feel the chemistry there, so I hope it's all pretend. Bonnie + Luka = NO. Bonnie made it pretty clear just how much she really does care for Stefan--despite all her trash-talking of vampires in general--in this one; she felt awful about him being trapped. Oh, proud of our Stefan for, yet again, taking everything in that calm, collected, resigned manner I so love. His attitude was so, "*SIGH* Yep, I'm trapped in a dungeon with Katherine. Pft. Whatev. *shrug*"

I'm still digging Rose, she's cool. It was cool seeing her feel respect for Elena.

Oh dear god, poor Mason! sad I got a lump in my throat and a smidge misty-eyed (shut UP!) watching the footage & listening to his description of his change. Awww, my poor, sexy werewolf! Come on, that was pretty fuckin' awful! I really felt bad for Tyler seeing/reading that, too. Caroline is fantastic for helping him! I hate that this is throwing a wrench in the Matt/Caroline works, but I do like Tyler and am glad he's got--at the least--a friend to help him deal with this. You'd think he'd at least start trying to find out if his mom knows about any of this. She apparently doesn't, but what if she really does?

Matt. Awwwwwwww. Awwwwww. And awww some more. That poor kid! I don't know what else to say, he needs lots of hugs and to go away to Hawaii for a long vaction or something. That or he needs to find out about Caroline and figure out if he still wants her or not. I am really tired of that poor kid constantly getting his heart broken. If this keeps up, he's gonna snap one of these days and be the Mystic Falls Serial Killer or something. (Looks like I DID know what else to say after all!)

So, is Alaric going to actually DO anything this season? All we've seen him do is take a trip with Delena, spout some info, teach Jeremy a bit about vamp weapons and be "naked" (That's NOT naked, Alaric! Way to get a girl's hopes up) with Jenna (Hee hee! That scene was the one bright spot in the whole ep.; gave me a giggle. "Chunky Monkey?" "I'm naked, so I'm gonna go.") with Jenna. I'm dying for some Delaric ass-kicking action!

So, Elijah. Interesting. Is he wanting Elena for some personal benefit? He didn't grab her and rush her to Klaus, what gives?

I think that covers it: Poor Damon, check; poor Stefan, check; poor Elena, check; poor Jeremy, check; poor Bonnie, check; oh, dear god, poor Mason! check; poor Tyler, check; poor Matt, check; Alaric needs to do stuff, not just Jenna, check; Elijah is being mysterious, check. Did anyone else need to get called "poor" who I overlooked? Peace out.

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The Sacrifice Empty Re: The Sacrifice

Post  Calena on Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:42 pm

Alaric needs to do stuff, not just Jenna, check;
ROFL Laughing Laughing Laughing

I liked this episode very much.

There were moments of Intense Damon again. There were too few of these in S2. "Don't Ever. Do This Again" Awwww! Take me Damon, take me now! heart heart heart Ups, sorry, my inner fangirl got the better of me. on the cloud

I have tremendous respect for Stefan. My theory is that he knew that when he asked Damon to protect Elena, he basically gave his permission for Damon to get together with Elena. Katherine certainly interpreted it that way, and I did, too. And it's probably gonna happen, you know.
As much as it sucks for Stefan, I can imagine fun scenes with Katherine and Stefan in the tomb. Witty word plays! Smile

Why did Jeremy have to be so stupid? wild ride
I don't trust the guy from the 2nd floor, and I agree there's no chemistry between them. Together they can float really many leaves, but Jer would be much better for Bonnie.

Poor Tyler. Mason didn't do him a favour with that detailed account. Now Tyler can't kid himself that it's not gonna be so bad.

Matt looks horrible, you really see that he's not alright. And now he thinks Caroline has something going on with Tyler. And Tyler not being Stefan probably fell for Caroline since she's being so nice to him and won't do anything to clear that up, so Caroline and Matt can be together again. I'm telling you Tyler will or already has fallen in love with Caroline.

I'm sorry, my memory is bad since I started college, but who is Klaus again? Is he the supervampire? I thought that was Elijah? And Elijah wants the curse broken, too, so that's the reason why he wants Elena safe, until he has the moonstone, no?

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