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Meeting at Samara Empty Meeting at Samara

Post  Calena on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:06 pm

I don't get the reference in the title.
So, I just watched this ep, and I liked it. Of course there are logical problems.

Like who touches the about to die people normally? Death can't be everywhere at once, can he?
Why didn't Sam just crank unconcious Bobby, instead of tying him up?

But basically I enjoyed both plots, Dean's Journey of Moral Dilemma (even though it was predictable there'd be a kid and Dean would refuse to kill him/her and bad things would happen because of it) and Sam and Bobby playing slasher flick at Bobby's place. (Watching those scenes I really wished Jared would sign to do "Puppy Snaps" Laughing Laughing Laughing )

I didn't think Sam would get his soul back mid-season. Now we just wait until that wall crumbles Very Happy

Death and Batlthasar were very cool. It was supernice seeing Bobby again. Of course no Cas, that will make Cookie sad.
I also like Tessa.

Oh, and since when can angels be summoned, and if they can, why not just summon Cas anytime the Brothers want him there?

So, souls, yes? There are, like, a BIG DEAL. Which is probably why the devil is collecting them. I really really want an explanation for the high value of souls and what the Brothers are on to. wild ride

Oh, and yes, bad Sam for wanting to kill Bobby, but totally in character with Soulless Sam.

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Meeting at Samara Empty Re: Meeting at Samara

Post  ExtraCookie on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:56 am

Psst . . . actually, it's "Appointment in Samarra." Smile It's from a story, I think. You can look it up. Something about some servant seeing Death while at the market place (can't remember what country . . . India?) & it gives him some sort of expression/gesture that he finds threatening (I think) so he flees to Samarra to escape Death. Later, his master asks Death why he scared him and Death says he was only surprised to see him there at the market because he has an appointment with him in Samarra that night. Or something. I'm not Google!

This was pretty good. I found the stuff going on with Bobby and Sammy more interesting than what went on with Tessa and Dean. I just don't understand why Bobby even ever went down into the basement. He should've stayed right where he was, with his back to that basement door. There's no way Sammy could've sneaked up on him there and he could've retreated to the basement himself if he had to, then to the panic room where he could hold his gun on Sammy. Other than that, I loved watching Bobby be all crafty and, even though I knew he wasn't going to get killed, I felt genuine fear for him. I've got to hand it to this show for being able to do that. Even when I know a main character certainly isn't going to die, they've got a way of making me fear for them, anyway. Hopefully this will be the thing Sammy's most repentant of. Holy shit, he tried to KILL Bobby! That is SO messed up! affraid pale Good riddance to "Sam." *Shudder* This was the absolute ultimate (well, OK, trying to kill Dean would've been that, but close enough)! I couldn't have stood another episode of "Sam" after this. No one threatens Bobby and stays off my shit list! Evil or Very Mad

Honestly, it's surprising that Dean didn't realize immediately that he had to kill the girl. Not just on the inside where he tried to ignore it, but all over. Oh, well, it made for some touching scenes.

Death kicked ass again; that actor is very cool!

Why'd Sam need a ritual to call Balthazar? They always just call to Cas. I think it'd have made more sense if they'd shown Sam trying asking him first, then resorting to a ritual when he wouldn't show. This'd have shown us that Cas comes because he wants to, doesn't have to. Also, this ritual makes it look like any angel can be summoned. So, yeah, why'd Sammy never use a ritual to call Cas back when he wanted him over the past year? Ooops, writers! OOPS!

The problems of death being anywhere at once I think can be (& are going to have to be) solved by viewer imagination. Just pick somethin' and go with it. Death IS multiple places at once. Death has millions of copies of himself. Death is super duper fast. Or ________________ <------insert theory of your choice there.

Aw, yeah, Puppy would kick ass in "Puppy Snaps!" IF he could manage not to laugh long enough to get through the takes. I mean, what, with all the hair chewing, putting a bag over a girl's head, drowning a chick in a toilet, etc. (I almost listed seeing Misha in drag, however, that may be something he's already seen many-a time by now; surely we minions aren't the only ones he's shared that with!Laughing) You know how easily amused he is! The outtakes/gag reel on that flick would be at least as funny as the flick itself! Laughing

Yes, the Caslessness did make me sad. Misha's very clever, though, having an excuse for not giving us Cas as much as we need that's so super adorable. I can't even be annoyed with him! Damn your adorableness, West Anaximander! Very Happy

Some people hate Balthazar and call him a Gabe rip-off. I don't see him that way at all, do you? I think they're just overly-zealous Gabe fans who don't want any other angel who isn't straight-up evil to interact with the Winchesters and Bobby.

Yeah, this valuable-souls thing has the potential to be cool. I am very intrigued about their value. What could it be? I just hope they don't screw it up like they did God and "Sam," etc.

Yep, that wall is surely going to crumble. I wonder if it'll go all the way. When it does, what will fix him? Cas should be involved. Yes. Big-time. When death said "call it 75%" after Dean asked if the wall would work, did he mean 75% chance it'll work or that the walls efficacy will only be 75%? Help, I'm having a "duh" moment!

Random: Holy hell, Dean (Jensen) is pretty. Some episodes remind me of that more than others. I loved his scene with the little girl. It was pretty and sweet. I love you

I don't care how mutilated he may be, I'm just glad he's back! (I mean, I hate the idea of him in pain, but that's preferable to RoboSam!) bounce sunny happy-ish Meeting at Samara 11134 wild ride Meeting at Samara 56438 Meeting at Samara 595436 cat purr
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