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Post  ExtraCookie on Fri Jan 07, 2011 5:01 am

OK, here we go.

What is it with crosses? Buffy brandished one at some vamps and they flinched back, but then, instead of standing her ground (because, obviously, crosses harm them) she ran away from them. If they harm them, why didn't she just stand her ground and keep brandishing it at them? Wouldn't they eventually have left? Meh. Maybe they'd have stuck around, looking for an opening, but my point is crosses should either really work or not work at all. I mean, splatting hot wax may annoy someone coming after me, but I wouldn't bother with it; I'd be going for something more effective, like kicking them, ya know? And, oooh, Angel's bad ass because he didn't even flinch at her huge cross necklace (come on! She's depicted as otherewise smart, but she wasn't smart enough to stop and think, "Oh, duh, I'm wearing a big cross around my neck. I should take it off & leave it with my friends while I go talk to the nice, sexy vampire?!) and let her press it into his skin with hardly any reaction. Pfft. And she didn't smell burnt vamp flesh? Come oooooooon.

Like I asked on twitter: what is with the master's duds? Hasn't he been trapped down there for a loooong time? Did he actually ask for a fancy, modern leather jacket to be brought to him?

The vamps are weak. Do they get stronger? Because, right now, I never feel any tension whatsoever. They're easily dispatched. (The Three, at least, were some decent competition, for 2 minutes.) They don't seem particularly strong or smart (can't believe she tricked that one by implying the sun was up. Ridiculous) and she's too good at taking them out. *Snark* *flip* *kick* *stab* they turn to dust, the end. Also, why does their clothing turn to dust? I'm guessing Sarah didn't do her own stunts. That's another thing. Fighting with all of those gymnastics is just so unrealistic. No one does that in real life. And none of the vampires can do them too? They just kind of stand there and let her flip around and kill them. Darla was smart at the end, at least; she had a gun. None of the other vamps have guns because . . . ? Yeah.

Sorry, the special effects are too bad. I'm sure they did the best they could afford, but they make me giggle. The vampires look pretty cool, though.

So, I think I see where "Supernatural" got its idea of what a soulless being is like. I don't think that missing souls merely making someone incapable of feeling anything but "evil" thoughts makes any sense whatsoever. They should come up with a different term for this situation. A soul isn't merely what makes people good, it's a person's whole personality. These vampires claim to remember everything from before, yet they're just evil now. WTF? That's ridiculous. It also makes no sense in that they clearly have deeper feelings for each other. If they're capable of feeling them, they should be capable of feeling them, period. If one knows how to feel something, unless one is stupid, one is naturally able to apply those feelings to any other living thing, not just their own family. That'd be like me being upset someone kicked my family member because I realize that's painful and wrong, but I don't have any clue that it's awful to also kick a dog.

David's handsome. That's nothing you need address, I just felt like saying it. What a Face I actually think I prefer older David, though. Not by a lot, just some.

OK, I know that T.V.D. sort of does the blood-as-a-drug thing too (which I still don't like), but at least they handle it better. They get used to dealing with it and are able to smooch 'n screw their loved ones without injuring them. Also, the show is overall so good that I'm able to overlook that aspect. I just think the whole lust-wrapped-up-in-physical-hunger/addiction thing is silly. It was just invented to add drama, but that's not a good excuse. Hate it. And, so far, this show isn't good enough for me to overlook it. Maybe if Angel were as handsome as Damon, it'd help. He's not. Again, he IS handsome, yes, but he's no Damon and, so far, the writing isn't near the caliber of T.V.D. T.V.D.'s is so good that they've managed to make me adore what is basically a teen soap opera with vampires. Yeah, it did take me a while to warm up to it, but even before I did, I didn't think what I was seeing was silly or BAD, just boring and teenagerish. All it needed to do was tweak itself just a smidge, and it was fixed. Big time. However, my slow warm-up to T.V.D. is the reason I'm willing to watch more Buffy. T.V.D. definitely taught me that things can get better. However (again), I've only got so much patience. I think it only took me 5 or 6 T.V.D. eps. tops for me to warm up, and I'm already 6 or 7 into Buffy. I'm not giving up yet, though! vampire

I do find the main characters likeable. Not in a big, instant, grab-my-heart way like the Winchesters (those guys had me from ep. one. I liked them VERY much [& J2's chemistry was immediately & powerfully apparent] and came to love them very soon after), but I do like them. Willow's adorable, Buffy's sweet, Xander . . . is a little over-done & typical, but likeable anyway. Angel is already a bit annoyingly broody, but I like him regardless.

Unless they got much better with it, I still say the show should've stuck strictly with vampires. Every episode I've seen that dealt with something else was very silly. It was so funny watching the characters sniff people in the "The Pack" episode. And that mantis woman was hysterical! Laughing

I probably have more questions/issues, but I've rambled, as usual, so I'll give you a break. Sorry I'm not digging it much so far, but I am trying and will watch some more. If nothing else, again, I enjoy watching David. Heh, his voice even sounds different! I half-way keep looking for Bones, though. Very Happy

P.S. I'm watching "I, Robot, You, Jane." Is this a very young Chad Lindberg (sp?) I'm seeing?! It is, isn't it?! Hee hee! Also, who the hell talks out loud when they're typing to someone? (I know, Willow, that's who! rabbit )

More stuff! Laughing Um, if you want to address much of this stuff, you may want/need to break it down over time in multiple posts. OK. WTF? It's true, I went to school in the Bible Belt, so it may've been a local thing, but in my high school, there was no WAY people could dress slutty like Buffy! Mini skirts/dresses? NO. Shorts/dresses had to be fingertip length. I know, that's nitpicky, but it messes with the believability factor. Also, what parent would really keep their kid in a high school where several different murders had occurred on several different occasions? For that matter, what authorities wouldn't investigate such a thing? Come on, after the 3rd or so murder, that'd draw national attention! I sure wouldn't let my kid stay there! After one random murder? Maybe. 2? Maaaaaaaybe. More than that? Hell, no! Aaack, no, not a ventriloquest dummy! I'm with Buffy, they're spooky! Thanks a lot, "Twilight Zone!" Also, does it ever get explained how Buffy's mom just happened to move them to the exact spot the slayer needed to be in? Otherwise, it's silly.

I HATE the whole vampires-don't-breathe thing. SO stupid! They're CLEARLY breathing, since one must breathe to talk! We SEE them breathing! Unless CGI comes up with a way to make actors look like they're somehow not breathing, they REALLY need to ditch this and fast. I forget what other vampire story features this. Either "Twilight" and/or T.V.D.? STUUUUUUUUUPID! Why wouldn't a vampire breathe, anyway? Their hearts beat. A heart's whole purpose is to distribute oxygen. So . . . DUH! I like Anne Rice's idea about it: their hearts beat, they breathe, but, though it's miserable and somewhat incapacitating, they're able to live without breathing if they must. The imagination can make that work several ways. The other way, there's simply no reason for their hearts to even beat or for them to speak normally. There has to be a simple "God did it" sort of low-brained maaagical explanation. Suspect

OK, so, apparently, there's ONE cemetery and LOADS of supernatural stuff happens there constantly. Why don't they just take turns staking it out nightly or getting others in on the secret (what secret?! Crazy shit happens in that town constantly, but no one has any idea supernatural things are happening? What a bunch of morons!) and hire/ask THEM to?
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