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Damon Saves a Kitten Empty Damon Saves a Kitten

Post  ExtraCookie on Mon Feb 07, 2011 9:28 pm

Scene: Some Mystic Falls tree-lined sidwalk.

Damon is walking down it, sun shining brightly. He's dressed to kill in black, hair slightly ruffled by the breeze made by walking. I could say he's looking painfully beautiful with his perfect, glowy skin and fantastic body and sparkling eyes, but stating the obvious is stupid and wasteful. His face shows he's lost in thought, a slight frown is there. He's probably thinking torturous, broody thoughts about being transformed by love but wanting to rip necks open and why does his goody-goody-yet-awesome brother get to have the girl he wants and stuff. Suddenly, the frown deepens to curiosity and he looks up and in front of him. His eyes lock onto something in front and slightly to the right of him and he heads that way. He then casually glances around, looking to see if anyone's watching. We see a few vehicles behind him, one which pulls out front, after he turns his face forward, still looking towards the afore-mentioned spot. Several strides later, we hear a pitiful kitten mew.

Kitten: Mew! Mew!

Damon looks perturbed and frowny, he glances briefly left and right, then with an even more perturbed expression takes a couple more strides then stops, his gaze now noticeably looking upward several feet. He stands there, his storm-cloud expression standing firm.

Kitten (having noticed a potential savior): MEW! Me-EW!

Damon blinks sharply a couple of times and, with an irritated tightening of his pressed together lips, nods in exasperation.

POV moves behind Damon and uuup, stopping to focus on: a freakin' adorable silver tabby kitten, about 5 months old, stuck on a branch several feet up, clearly terrified and looking at Damon in kitty desperation.

Damon (lets out a frustrated huff): Well, you're clearly the brainiac of the litter. Nice work, cat. Enjoying the view? *Smirk*

Cut to--

Kitten: ME-EW!! MYOO! *Panic face*

Cut to--

Damon: *Mega frowns, glances down and to the left with another small huff of annoyance, and stands there a few seconds, then looks back at the kitten* Gotta learn (Damon owl-eyes, up-brows and forward-face accenting the word "learn")! Survival of the fittest, cat. *He strolls away*

Camera stays focused on the spot he just left.

Kitten, after several seconds (sounding totally pathetic): MEW! MEW! *pause* MEW!

Suddenly, we see a black blur flash quickly by, then back the way it came. The camera slowly swings from Damon's former standing spot, to camera right to show Damon casually strolling away from us. It follows him. After several strides, a little girl appears on Damon's left, riding a tricycle. He turns toward her.

Damon: Hey, little girl. *She looks up, immediately smiling when she sees his face*

The camera slides slowly but steadily forward, catching up with Damon. When it gets there, it keeps moving as it follows Damon's left arm, which he's extending towards the girl.

Damon (his voice full of both smirk and charm in that way only he can pull off): Want a kitten? The silver tabby from the tree sits cozily in Damon's hand, looking a bit wary, but otherwise fine. The little girl grins, and the camera slides away from her to focus on the vehicle we saw in front earlier as it passes Damon and the girl.

Cut to: The now-parked-next-to-the-sidewalk vehicle's driver's side mirror. In it, we see Damon's figure getting closer and closer as he strolls along. He's now kitten-free. When he reaches a certain distance, Alaric leans casually out of the window and turns towards Damon. He wears a cat-got-the-canary smile. He's gleeful.

Alaric (Damon eases to a halt beside the car as he begins to speak): That surely wasn't Damon, the dick vampire of Mystic Falls, I just saw, rescuing a cute, helpless kitten from a tree, now, was it? * FAUX-INNOCENT GRIN*

Damon's head, a scary, threatening expression on his face, suddenly appears beside Alaric's, leaning in close, doing that up-his-neck-to-his-ear thing that he does when issuing threats, then speaks in that sexy, whispery/growly hiss of his:

Damon: I will rip your heart out and shove it down your throat.

Alaric bites down hard on a grin. Damon pauses a moment, then, scowly-face back in full force, continues his stroll without finding out what, if anything, Alaric may've wanted with him.

After getting a good way down the sidewalk, we see Alaric quietly crack up, his eyes watering and his head dropping to his arm, which rests on top of the lowered window, shoulders shaking.


Should I go ahead and include my address so they can send me my Emmy?

P.S. There's a special bonus bit to be added later. Don't nag me, it'll get here when it can. What a Face
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