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Post  ExtraCookie on Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:10 am

Whew, girls! Lounge-Whipped Again!   172736 I did it again! I've literally worked myself into a fever with a headache posting at the lounge! Lounge-Whipped Again!   68644 Every now and then, I just have to get it out of my system, I guess. I see people saying things that I passionately disagree with or that seem stupid to the point that they don't seem to have been watching the same show, and I can't resist jumping in! It's a sickness! Now I'm here, licking my wounds. Ow. pulling out hair explode Honestly, you two are so smart (if anyone of us needs something explained, it's prone to be ME and you do a good job) I forget that not all other fans are like that, then the Lounge reminds me painfully. Nope, I'm not sucking up or buttering you up for some favor. Well, actually, could you please . . . . HA! Kidding. But, no, I mean it. Time to go back to only here or the Cas thread there. Yikes. I had an epiphany, though and that is that this show really is something special to incite so much detailed, deep (uh, deeper and more detailed for some than others), passionate thought and such attachment to its characters. For all that nearly all fans whine & complain sometimes (some more than others) and for all genuine mistakes the writers make, the bottom line is they deliver something special. All the discord actually has this positive side to it. I may see some fans as small-minded, immature nut jobs and they may see me that way or worse, but I'm glad we're all watching the show. May enough of us (esp. those with Nielson boxes) keep doing so long enough to gain us at least one other season.

Now I go take ibuprofen, drink a mug of green tea, shower and go to bed, hopefully to sleep a looooooong time. So help me, if those inspectors come tomorrow, I won't let 'em in! Oh, and I MAY not be online for a while, maybe a day or so. Major computer burn-out. I'll miss you! Lounge-Whipped Again!   292639

Oh, by the way, send our fave alien some words of support; he's signed up for some god-awful endurance thing-a-majig for charity. Oh, and click the play button on Ian's lion link; 10 bucks to help lions/big cats with a mere click! Easiest charity donation I've ever seen! I've muted it and just clicked it and let it play several times while I've done other things (read: twitted and worked myself into a lather of illness at the Lounge).

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