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Post  ExtraCookie on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:11 am

I'm sure I'm alone here (in more ways than one), but I feel that, basically, "The French Misake" was a mistake. It wasn't horrible, there were good bits, but, overall, it was a hot mess.

BTW, here's a clip that shows the source of the title, in case you didn't know:

Umm . . . O . . .K.

I'll start by reminding you I don't like meta stuff in the first place so, naturally, I wasn't thrilled. Even discarding that, though, it had problems. The ep. was all over the place, so why shouldn't my reivew be? Smile

I guess I won't detail every wrong thing, as that would make for one epic ramble, so here are some highlights: the whole alternate universe. I mean, even imagining there are alternate universes, how could one like that be possible, according to this show? So, God is not God? He's only the God of one universe? Was this universe supposed to be the really real one? Because, in the really real one, most people believe in deities. (If no one does in that alt. universe, I wish I could live there!) Also, if Dean and Sam had become the actors who portray them, what became of the actors? Did they swap places or what? That could be another story unto itself. I suppose not an entire episode's worth of a story, but it'd be pretty cool to have a snippet of what happened to the actors in another episode or at least have their story mentioned. So, Sammy determined there's no such thing as the supernatural and, therefore, no hunters by surfing the 'net?! Seriously?! Come on! It's not like in their universe you can find out that there IS such thing as the supernatural and, therefore, hunters on the damned 'net! The most you can find in their world are some bizarre deaths & things that are unexplained. Well, unless the universe they were in really was NOT our real one, then you'd have those there, too! What, is there some secret hunters' Web site they haven't told us about yet?! confused Ridiculous. So, Sammy (and Dean) was able to find the actress who portrays Ruby attractive and like her? Give me a break! No, she's not Ruby, but would you be able to like someone who looked exactly like the person who ruined your life? Who almost got the world destroyed--by causing YOU to almost do it?! I think not. Sammy went through such hell in large part because of her. I don't think most anyone in his or her right mind could separate the two people and be fine with the one who wasn't bad. Especially not so quickly!

I'm torn on the guys' acting. On one hand, I think most people could act better than they did. Things like not looking at the ceiling or waving your arms around weirdly while shooting a scene or making ridiculously over-dramatic faces are surely obvious to almost everyone. Also, these guys act constantly! If you added up all the times in their lives they've portrayed FBI agents, servicemen, students, etc. it'd probably add up to several years! They ARE actors! On the other hand, this is with actual lines to have to stick to, cameras and people staring at them, expecting them to deliver, all while under the stress of what they were dealing with, so this allows me to cut them partial slack. I could understand them being nervous and fucking up, but not to the extremes that they did. Dean KILLED me with his "Dean grimly" line! rofl Then "Misha" made it even more hilarious by turning to the cameraman and mouthing, "What the hell?!" with that baffled expression! That was perhaps the very best funny scene for me.

"Misha" getting killed was awful. I mean, OK, it worked for the show, but it just made me feel icky. Every single second up until he croaked was fantastic, though. Which leads me to my next gripe: NOT ENOUGH MISHA! That LauinLA chick liiiied! There were definitely some J2 scenes & other nonsense that I'd have happily exchanged for more "Misha" and Cas scenes. They just went overboard with trying to show damned near every insider-fan thing they could. That scene with "Sera" was basically useless filler, for instance.

The scenes with the Winchesters and Gen were awkward.

Playing all the deaths for laughs just didn't work for me. So, people are dying and it's supposed to be funny? Nope.

So, now for the good stuff! MISHA! Misha, Misha, Misha! It was all good, every scene he was in. He was actually so dorky when he thought J2 were tricking him it was a little painful! So awkward! It was so funny how his chair was crammed in behind J2's and his tweets were great! Thank goodness his real twits are 200 times better! When he burst out crying in the alley, I was gone. SO funny, and the "I'm not following you at all!" All that while wearing that hideous sweater. You GO, Misha! cheers

"Attractive crying man!" Laughing

The Winchester acting scene. Surprised? Yes, it was unbelievable, but it was also undeniably funny. Best parts were the Dean one highlighted above, "We need all 3 of that crap," and Sam's blathering on and on about the key, weapons and lock.

The dude who played Robert Singer rocked! He was perfect! His face during the acting scenes was priceless! "Eric Kripke" was pretty funny, too. His acting like he was sympathetic to "Misha's" death then immediately bragging that it put them on the front page of Variety was funny.

Jared's mansion! OMG! rofl That narcissistic artwork! The tanning bed! The alpaca! Genevieve was great too. "It's an alpaca, dumbass!" Otter adoption charity. *Snicker*

All of the "real" stuff was good. Nice to see Balthazar again and wonder what the hell is up with him. At least he, for whatever reason, finally helped Cas. It was pretty shocking that he handed over the weapons. Given the fact that he seems all about Balthazar, I just bet he did it to save his own ass. Whatever. It's the first time we've seen an angel help Cas since Anna, so I'll take it. I loved Dean finally showing a sign of snapping out of his emo funk, realizing he's a hero and is loved. I hope it keeps up (and maybe he and Bobby will chill out on the boozing). I loved Sammy preferring a world where he may not be rich, but he's also loved and has a wonderful brother. Aw. brothers Poor Cas. Misha is waaay too good at looking forlorn. I bet he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants when he puts that skill to use. I felt so sorry for Cas, he was clearly miserable and hated what's going on and the fact that he can't explain it to the brothers. I think we'll soon see more of the stuff he's doing that the Winchesters won't agree with that Misha talked about. Hopefully, once the guys find out what he's been dealing with, Dean'll feel like an ass for the way he's been treating him and do better. Of course, with the stuff Cas is/will be doing that he probably won't agree with, he'll probably be even shittier to him. Maybe he'll be torn between both. I can deal with that. Just like John had to realize, Cas and Dean need to realize that the 3 of them are better as a team, so Cas needs to stop being secretive (I'm sure he's wrong about our Winchesters not being able to help him. You'll see) and Dean needs to stop treating him like his slave/emotional punching bag. And Sammy needs to give him that hug he backed out of. :-D

Although I will forever miss Demore Barnes as Raph, the new girl did a fine job. I wonder why the angels on this show stick to possessing humans of specific ethnicity. I'd like the story on that. "Once you go black you never go back?" Hee heeee!

So, there ya go. I'll give it a 5. I'd have appreciated the episode more as a DVD extra or something, but it definitely had some fun moments (although not nearly as many as I expected).
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