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Post  ExtraCookie on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:55 am

This was not quite as good as usual, like last week's.

Have to mention one of the last scenes first: Damon shoving Kat off the bed. Laughing That was gooood stuff! If he would've let her kiss him, I'd have been ticked off. Turned on, but ticked off. What a Face Maybe this is opening the door for him to turn the tables and be shitty to her. That would be so delicious to watch, after all she put him through, including nearly killing him so she could bust outta the dungeon! Bitch! Thank goodness for Stefan and Alaric!

*SIIIIGH* Did they HAVE to butcher Mattoline? If they wanted them over, they should've just let it be over from the past stuff. I should've been careful what I wished for, huh? I wanted him to know the truth, well, now he does, and he is outta there! I have hope, though. I think it'd be shitty writing for them to drag things out with them so, only for it not to happen in the end. What a pointless waste of time. It'd be much better writing for all of this painful rigamaroll to have a purpose--them making it as a couple. I don't know, I guess they're going to put her with Ty at some point. Maybe it'll be a triangular thing like with the Salvatores (I almost typed "Stefatores." I need some rest!) and Elena. In any case, she should have a nice, cozy, long time with Matt first, damn it! Question: why the hell didn't she just compell him to calm down and hear her out? That would've been utterly harmless. I see why she didn't, though. Apparently, in T.V.D. world, vampires simply never compell someone they love. I guess, through their eyes, it's a betrayal or feels too dishonest or whatever. I totally get that. Yet, still, I don't think such a tiny bit of compelling for a good reason would be bad. I mean, what if a loved one developed a compulsion for wanting to jump off a cliff (that's a real thing)? What'd be wrong with compelling them to never want to do that again? Make sense? If I were her, I'd totally have compelled him just to calm down, understand that I'd never intentionally harm him and will always, in fact, do all I can to protect him, and listen to me. What he chose to do with what I told him would be up to him. Speaking of Mattoline, I'm sorry, but the singing thing was so stupid. Yes, it was sweet and yes, Candice can sing (I don't like that song, but she sang it better than Susannah), but it was stupid. So, all those major problems between them, all solved by a sappy song? Pfft. I didn't even see the compelled singer turn to tell the band what song to play, either. Also, I sincerely doubt that kind of band in this day and age would even KNOW the song, much less how to play it . . .and perfectly! Yes, I am, as ever, a nitpicker. Can't help it.

Ssss. Ick. Luka's dead. That sucks. No, really. He seemed like a good kid, just caught up in a horrible situation. Poor dude, what a way to go. I don't blame Damon a smidge; what he did was absolutely necessary, but it was sad.

Awww, Jerebon is ON. I knew Elena wouldn't object; she was funny letting her face pretend like she did for a moment. Heh. I approve.

Poor Alarenna. Jenaric. Whatever. No Just one bad thing after another. He was so very sweet trying to explain without spilling the beans. His mistake was saying that Isobel was dead. Yes, I don't even think he said it to be flat-out lying. I honestly think that when he said it, he didn't think of it as a lie because the Isobel he knew IS dead. But, of course, she took it the way he meant her to and, uh-oh! Isobel shows up at her door right afterward! Um, oopsie! I so hope she ends up understanding the whole mess, esp. the part where Alaric was only keeping her from the truth because Elena asked him to, because she felt it was for her own good. I really respect him for that, by the way. He so wanted to just spill it all and take it from there, but he respected Elena's wishes. Aww. That Alaric is a gentleman. I adore him! He needs to move back in with the Gilberts pronto! love u

Hee hee, Damon pointing the flamethrower at Kat. They couldn't possibly put enough scenes of him antagonizing her in this show. Never. They could have an entire episode of it, I'd be delighted. In the same vein, now maybe we'll get more "Screw you, you selfish bitch"-type Alaric and Isobel moments. That would be such sweet Dalaric synchronicity; something else to bond over and lament/laugh about together. They already started out the synchronicity by showing Kat back in Damon's life and Isobel popping back into Alaric's in the same ep., they need to follow through for maximum fun!

There goes Stefan, wanting to explain things to someone and join forces. Heh! Same ol' same, ol'. "Let's explain things to Alaric & work together!" "Let's explain things to Bonnie and work together!" "Let's explain things to the werewolves & work together!" "Let's explain things to the witches & work together!" I wonder if he wanted to go explain things to Hitler and get him to join forces to do good back in the day. Smile I do love that about him, though, of course. Stefan must've loved the 70s. He was probably a hippie vampire. I demand to see Stefan the Hippie Vampire footage! "Peace, man, let's just explain things to the cops and work together, dude. And smoke weed together. Far out!"

So, what happened to Andie? Are they even going to toss in an off-hand line to explain where she went?

Uh, what else happened? I'm tired and drawing a blank, so I'll wrap it up. It was good stuff, as usual.

Lucky girls, if my new job pans out, I probably won't be around so much and these rambling reviews will have to be pared down to normal sizes, if I can do them at all! Begin the celebration! high five The House Guest 11134
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