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Post  ExtraCookie on Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:42 am

Prob. not my usual lengthy review because I'm quite sick. Awesome ep.! You know me, I'm not a big fan of goofy humor (in this show); esp. demeaning Cas humor and this ep. had some, yet, (as usual) I did laugh at it and the episode was great!

I'm already addicted to all 4 working together like that! Totally bad-ass! My heart swelled with joy and love! (Shut up! I can be sappy if I want to!) I so wish both Jim and Misha were regulars and we could see this all the time! Naturally, I understand Jim's reason for not doing it, though. Also, if he had've, Misha probably wouldn't have been offered regular status and, as much as I adore Bobby, it doesn't make sense that he'd be with the guys so very much, as he has a home and the guys are nomadic. Cas being available to be with them more makes more sense.

So, the reason Eve was kind of lame is that she wasn't meant to stick around, anyway. The real story IS the heavenly war! Thank goodness! That's so fantastic! I thought the war was enough without some other big bad to battle! Oh, Dean, you are one smart smart ass and I adore you! That was sooooo cool! I wanted to say bad-ass again, but I'm trying not to be redundant. I just loved that trick! Too bad Cas and Bobby weren't in on it; they freaked when she bit him! Although, I guess they could've been in on it but freaked anyway because Dean was in danger. You go, Dean!

Lenore! Lenore, Lenore, Lenore! So cool, yet tragic to see her again! She looked rough, huh? Wow. I hate it that she had to be killed. I always liked her. I'd have preferred knowing she was still alive out there. However, they wrote the death well. Cas was actually darling for seeing what had to happen and just doing it himself. Poor Sammy, he's already had to put one poor girl out of her misery; how awful that Lenore wanted him to do it for her!

Cas is so damned adorable. Love him so much. beating heart on the cloud heart hug

I figured Cas was probably working with Crowly, but it still floored me!

Speculations: Next week (these aren't spoilers, unless you consider the preview one), they'll catch Cas in a holy ring to grill him about what's going on, he'll tell them, they may or may not freak out at first and be pissed and what-not, but, sooner or later, they'll get over it and help him or, at the last minute, when it really counts and he really needs them, they'll be there. They may even immediately help him as soon as he 'fesses up. I can easily imagine a scenario like, "Cas, you just should've told us in the first place! How can we help you if you don't tell us what's going on?! Idjit!" pulling out hair pats u The story won't make sense if all that going on about family and forgiveness doesn't include Cas. Also, they've all been in those dark places. Sammy, especially, should understand. Finally, they're putting Cas in a situation that parallels Sammy's instead of Dean's. This may be exactly why Sammy, at least, will be against him at least at first. "Cas, I thought I was doing the right thing too, but you saw what happened. Don't do what I did." However, I want our angel to be right because I don't need the same story twice.

The preview is awesome! The next ep. looks to be O.T.H.O.A.P.-epic! Tissues will most likely be required by me! Also, for the love of all things good and pure, will someone PLEASE hug that angel?! Just one good hug?! Please?! Damn it, I can't stand it! Hey, Dean, less insulting, more hugging! Someone! Anyone! tight hug

Whew, I'm exhausted. What did you two think of it? Any lurkers around? You can join in, ya know. We won't bite!
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