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Post  ExtraCookie on Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:29 am

lol! Giiiiirls, I loved it! It was just so much fun! That is a humorous "Supernatural" done right! If they'll keep this up, I'll stop being nervous about Mark Shephard (sp.?) saying this season will be more dark and funny. When I read that, I was leery. I'm all for the dark, but not the funny, because, lately, funny on this show has meant angels sitting on whoopie cushions and Sammy being possessed by a geeky teen and what-not. However, if this was a taste of the type of humor (proper, traditional "Supernatural" humor [think "Tall Tales," "Hell House," "Mystery Spot," etc.] as opposed to the whoopie cushion and "Yellow Fevers" and "Swap Meats") we'll get, then bring it the hell on! That's the way ya do it: A good, solid story, plenty of action, an emotional hook, FUN! YES! I'm so proud of both Jensen and Jim. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be so good. I wasn't expecting it to suck, but I just doubted I'd enjoy it as much as usual episodes. So glad I was wrong!

Jim, the dude who plays Rufus (I know, shame on me for not noticing/remembering his name) and Mark acted the hell out of this one. Honestly, this was an ep. with older pros showing off their experience. Good, good stuff. Rufus and Bobby have fantastic chemistry (have we never seen them together before?). I want more, which means I'll need at least one more season after this one in order to have all the stuff I want from this show and storylines I want properly fleshed out and played out to happen. Hm, this ep. has me all wound up, doesn't it? God, I hope last week's ep. and this one mark the beginning of "Supernatural" returning to form! Please join me in crossing those fingers! How much would I love a finger-crossing smilie? A LOT!

There's too much to go into in detail, so, lucky girls, you'll be spared somewhat! Highlights: LOVED the Winchester verbal smackdown! I knew it was coming, and I couldn't WAIT! Don't get me wrong, of course I feel for poor Dean, bless his lil' heart; I told ya that last week. But, ooooh, he SO was wrapped up in his own probs to the point that he was totally forgetting our Bobby's SOUL was currently owned by a DEMON! Bless Bobby's darling heart, there he was, busy torturing a demon, trying like hell to save his soul, and he took all that time to do all that work for our guys. Aww, I love my Bobby! heart Jim was (as always) just so very realistic and believable, he WAS Bobby. God, he looked so tired and weary and worn and frayed he was making me feel tired and sick for him! Also, all the cuts to the Winchesters were great; adorable and funny. Hee hee, Dean needing to know what the second method for killing the monster was, Sammy getting slammed around (!!!! Hey, he got slammed around, not choked! That's Dean's job! And Dean's been choked at least once this season! Have they swapped specialties?!), Dean's face when Bobby said they called him to bitch about each other and Sammy shot him that "Oh, really?" look. rofl brothers LOVE. Just love. Honestly, I needed this episode as a break from worrying about Sammy. Yes, his situation was mentioned, but it was brief. Bobby, Rufus and Crowley kept most of my attention. Sammy worry is wearing. They need to fix Sammy. Quickly. I can't deal.

PATHETICNESS ALERT: I was so happy to see Cas in the "THEN" montage. Damn, I love him. Damn, I hope we see him before ep. 10! If I had my way, he'd be in every episode. angel watching stars

I do have a quibble or two. First, the bones thing seems like a cheat. You mean to tell me all this time the bone burning worked on demons too, but none of our hunters knew it? Not even awesome John? Or Samuel? Hmmm. Yeah, that seems like lazy writing to me. Also, was it smart of them to be all ethical with Crowley and keep their bargain? Fuck no, and you know it. Yeah, yeah, we need to have Crowley around, but that was a dumb way to do it. Being ethical with a demon is about as logical as trying to reason with an attacking grisly bear. Gee, ya think this might bite 'em in the ass later? Rolling Eyes I don't want to hear any whining from them when it does.

The other quibble (OK, so this makes three): they don't give a rat's ASS about possessed people anymore. Once upon a time, hunters had sympathy for the possessed. Now, NONE. All they see is the demon. If torturing and murdering a demon suits their needs, then so be it. They do so without thinking twice about it & never show a hint of sadness or regret. What can I say? I think deeper. I see a demon getting tortured and think, "That poor person!" It tarnishes the hunters' heroicness (is that a word? Is now) in my eyes somewhat and that's sad. Would it be so hard to at least introduce a story of them having found a way to torture demons without the host feeling it? I don't think so. Would it be so hard to make it perfectly clear that each and every time they just instantly kill a demon rather than try to exorcise it that they really had no choice or, at the least, most likely didn't? I don't think so. Especially would it be so hard to show at least a slight damned expression of sadness and/or regret when they hurt/off one? I don't think so! Yes, that was a nitpick, I suppose, but I don't care. If I can think of such tiny, simple touches that would enhance the show, I'd think these writers who get paid millions could do so. So there. tongue

Oh, WOW, next week's episode looks awesome! The preview freaked me out! How can this unhappen?! How can a vamp get unvamped?! What will this mean? Will they try to offer unvamping to other vamps in the future (LENORE! Lenore! Lenore! Lenore! They should find her & her clan and unvamp 'em!) or will they be lame and act like that never happened? I can't wait to see this! Dean as a vamp looked badass and scary! vampire Weekend at Bobby's 53364

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