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Post  ExtraCookie on Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:31 am

This is the post I was working on when the naughty virus attacked my computer. Better late than never.

Typical episode--GOOD! Let's see, let's see.

Dalaric! Alarmon! Yeah, it was just a taste, but it was a very tasty taste! My GOD, those two are so adorable together! (I don't mean "together" together; you know what I mean!) I LOOOOOVE watching them team up to do . . . anything! They could probably write a scene in which Alarmon carries trash out to a dumpster together and it'd be fun to watch! Seeeee how Alaric likes Damon? He had nothing to gain, personally, by insisting Damon be careful and lock himself up safely at home. I mean, yeah, it'd have sucked a bit for him if his girlfriend's niece got devastated by losing a dear friend, but it wouldn't have been anything life-ruining for him. He liiiiikes him, Damon is his bestest friiiieeeend, even though he's a "dick" who kills people. beating heart

Rose. I knew it. I knew she'd "healed" to easily. I knew it was going to go bad for her. However, those bastards did end up changing my mind for, like, a minute. Then, when I literally had a lump in my throat from the joy of Rose and Damon (Ramon?) being sooo good for each other (vampiric friends with benefits, YAAAY! And she's a smart woman and cool and just so Damon's type; I was thinking, "yeah, here we go, they'll be great together while we're waiting for Dalena!"), I realized it was too good to be true about 2 seconds before, yep, the wound returned. So, damn it, I guess we're losing Rose. Sad But she's not dead yet. We shall see.

I knew it! OK, well, I suspected it--tomb sex was just a dream. Thank goodness! I doubt I'd have ever been able to forgive Stefan for that. Come onnn, admit it, it was sweeet when he and Elena reunited. They're getting better with the music lately; maybe they've figured out that less is more.

Poor Tyler. I didn't feel as bad for him as I did for Mason (nor do I feel like Mike brought it as well as the guy who played Mason. Sorry.) So, wow, he can break out of stone-embedded steel and a padlocked cage?! Sheesh! I guess they'd better step up the security! OK, Caroline was great with him, but, damn it, NO. Caroline and Matt (Maroline? Catt?) all the way! Why does Matt have to lose all his girlfriends? They were great together. I'm mad. Mad

Damon was funny.

So, let me guess: Luka (I'm not sure how to spell that. I would've sworn all these years it's spelled "Luca" in the Suzanne Vega song, but on the internet, I find more "Luka" than "Luca" and everyone seems to spell this T.V.D. character's name with a k. So, until I know for sure, I'm apt to spell it either way) isn't supposed to like Bonnie, just pretend he does to use her, but he is falling for her. yawn Whatever. Next!

Ha, I loved Jeremy throwing himself onto Elena's lap, Elena yanking the pillow from underneath his head so she could chuck it at Damon, then her shoving him into the floor. Good brotherly/sisterly stuff. Laughing

"Vampire Barbie!" ROFL Ohhhh, that one is gonna stick for me! What an apt description! But she's the awesomest (foreigners: you do know that's not really a word, right?) Vampire Barbie EVER!

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